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Yoga Offerings

Yoga is the journey of the self, 

through the self, 

to the self 


My classes combine breath and movement to cleanse and recharge the body while providing an energizing opportunity to reconnect within and allow stillness and observation. Unlock the tension in your body and relieve stress while building strength and flexibility with a mindful focus. The classes are meant to establish the foundation of the yoga practice with flowing movements and an emphasis on breathing and healthy pose alignment.

Yoga uncovers philosophies to emotionally eliminate suffering through mindfulness practices. Classes lightly touch on these tools, but highly encourage studying the eight limbs of yoga or the beautiful history and origin of the practice through reading and self study (svadyaya)

Classes are open to all fitness levels as we offer variations and options to fit everybody. In the summer months we find a place to practice outdoors, stay tuned!

To Register: Please use your phone to make a MINDBODY account and reserve your spot in classes at SLR Pilates.   

Weekly Schedule 


Prenatal Yoga

Breathe, soften, tone & prepare the intuition.

5:30-7:00p | $20



Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa-Hatha Style Yoga

Flow, Breath, Notice & Relax

 6:00-7:00p | $18



Core Power Flow

Vinyasa & Slow Flow

Breathe, Balance & Notice

 6:00-7:00p | $18



Empower Flow

Vinyasa-Hatha Yoga

Flow, Breathe, Notice & Relax

10:15-11:15a | $18


Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is designed to support mothers-to-be on their individual pregnancy journeys, priming the body from conception all the way to birth. The goal is to help you to flow through your birth and accessing your intuitive body through the teachings in our weekly practice. Coming consistently to classes will help you meet your changing physical and emotional needs while addressing any unexpected challenges that might arise. From uplifting movement practices and back care to meditations to connect with your baby, you'll find a full spectrum of support tools.

Flower in Sunlight

Private Sessions 

A Bloom Within offers a variety of private and semi-private training options to meet your needs and grow your practice. After learning about your objectives, Mary will tailor each session to meet your personal needs, even offering light massage, hands on assists and pressure as desired by the client, as well as giving you the tools to grow your practice at your own pace.  Please contact me to inquire.

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