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The teachings of Mary are raw, powerful and sharply intuitive as their source is channelled from the teachings of Nature. Being deeply rooted in her works with expanding Love, her teachings reflect this work, and encourage students to process the gifted experiences so as to draw from them the highest nectar of the teachings.

Mary Claire is electric, potent, infectious. She is a creator, and nurturer. Yoga classes and Doula which are expansive journeys through inner layers. She loves this work, this creating, learning, concocting, healing; she has given herself to it fully.

She grew up in Buchanan, MI living an active country lifestyle.  her highest purpose to be of service to people, plants, animals, – using her  wisdom to draw others light and help them bloom within. 


Flower in Sunlight

I love...

Yoga, friends, horses, gardening. country life, traveling, being married to a farmer, experiencing motherhood for the first time, nursing, kissing my 1-year-old, empowering people, learning languages, new cultures, a mediocre Scrabble fanatic, Mexico, my Spotify playlist, soccer, tennis, pickleball, being near water and the birthing world

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