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Consistent, continuous, compassionate support  from pregnancy to postpartum.

Doula Support Overview & Prices



I’m honored for the opportunity to assist you with this sacred and exciting journey into parenthood. My goal is for you and your partner to feel physically and emotionally prepared, fearless, and empowered when the big day comes. Please scroll below for my outlines services and my village resource guide! 

Within our current birth culture, it’s common for expectant parents to focus most of their preparation on accumulating all the things baby will need once they arrive while often giving little consideration to your body and HOW their baby will make its arrival. When thought is given ahead of time to the atmosphere you and your baby will need when transitioning from womb to world, it can transform an already profound moment into a truly magical experience. 

Please feel free to reach out for an in person or virtual interview to see if we would make a compatible team, the comfort you get around your birth team is truly important. Set up as many interviews with local doulas as possible to find a nice support person. Set yourself up with support to lean into can truly steer your emotions and your partners) during labor and postpartum. 

Prenatal Yoga & Beyond


Baby & Me Yoga & Beyond

$93 for 5 class bundle

$175 for 10 class bundle

$20 drop in

Prenatal Birth Prep & Comfort Measures Session

$75 non-doula client

(included for Doula Clients)

Birth Doula Package 


in 3 installments


Yoga Student Discount Available

The Village Resource Guide

Free Local Resources List for women and families in their childbearing year, click to view!

Flower in Sunlight
Flower in Sunlight

Prenatal Body Balancing & Yoga 

   Pregnancy is a time to prime the body for labor.  Who wouldn't want to try to shorten labor by helping baby into a good position early on? Learning body work from a professional can allow for your body and baby to be most comfortable through the constant changes.  All techniques are tailored to you to help decrease stress and promote relaxation.  I work on facial release, gravity work, fetal positioning, body comfort, labor prep.  I teach you and your birth partner Spinning Babies at-home instruction & Gilligan's Guide.  My work usually can help flip breech or posterior presentation, which are variations of normal, but can be longer and more tiring labors.

 Balanced movements and intentional Yoga Asana can help prime the body and is deeply interconnected in traditional childbirth because its benefits have been time-proven; the healing power of touch cannot be denied.  The time I spend with you is your time to slow down, a time to feel connected to your body, your baby, a time for yourself.   Body work pairs well with weekly prenatal yoga and webster chiropractic care.

Flower in Sunlight

Birth Doula 

Provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a birthing person/parents before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her flow through her birth. My goal for you isn't the outcome, its to have you flowing through labor and reaching for your intuitive body and mind. I am there to comfort, normalize your experience and advocate or educate where there is a need. 

 I am dedicated to meeting your physical and emotional needs once you’re in labor and ready for my arrival. When labor starts, I will be your continuous support person until baby's latch and you are all settling in. I provide this support with an objective viewpoint, remaining committed to your preferences without personal bias and helping you work through shifts in your birth plan.


As a contingency plan, I work with selected back up support doulas (see Village Guide for list) in the case I am already attending another birth or had a serious emergency/illness. If that were to occur, I would communicate with you and continue virtual support to the best of my ability.

Flower in Sunlight
Flower in Sunlight

Postnatal Support

   Part of our prenatal work together as your doula will be helping you prepare for the postpartum experience. I truly believe peace of mind can be attained when you are set up with the right support for you and baby.  After the birth, I can guide you through initial latching/breastfeeding support and get you fed and settled. About a week later, I come to your home for a post partum follow up, checking in on you and the family and reflecting on the birth. 


My continued support is in the resource guide below and downloadable below to ANYONE. My connections include: Post Partum doulas, IBCLC lactation consultants/dentists, maternal mental health, chiropractors specializing in infants, mommy meet-ups and more!

  I want to be there to share compassionate first-hand knowledge to help you navigate anything that comes your way. 

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